Employee retention programs

The acquisition and retainment of employees is of an increasing importance for the human resource department of each enterprise.

The enterprise-based offer of insurance solutions which are not available to employees in the private market may be an important decision factor for employees at the choice of the best employer. However, a high level of motivation of the employees must meet the profit expectations of the enterprise.

An option of solution may be the disability insurance which until 2010 was offered as a private insurance only and had merely not been bought due to two reasons:

  • The premium was regarded as too high – especially by blue collars
  • The long questionnaire increased the fear that in a case of damage, the insurer would neglect the duty to pay due to allegedly wrong or incomplete risk information.

The german employee benefit disability insurance (EBDI) developed by G.A. Droege & Son Consulting GmbH (www.droege-consult.de) avoid these disadvantages an allow employees to buy a policy - financed either by the employer or the employee - without risk questions. Simultaneously the company by each policy would save premium shares of the social security insurance. Thus, the EBDI would create the seldom chance to increase profits with (and not without or against) the employees interests which leads to a common target objective for the management, the workers’ council and the employees themselves.

Jointly with Droege, we are active especially with regard to large clients and co-operations with other brokers. We offer one of the leading EBDI solutions.

Our clients are of all branches and sizes (from ten to some hundred thousands employees).

The solution won all existing gold medals and currently wins all biddings we are participating in. Decisive Is the combination of best insurance conditions and the meanwhile very sophisticated knowhow of implementation.

The solution was implemented in many ways as a pure employee-paid policy, a full employer-financed program and a mixture of both (either by a kickback of the social security premium savings or a real start-up financing). In many cases, the employer used the savings to buy additional insurance policies protecting the employees (f.i. a group accident insurance).