Client Relationship Management

Acquisition and retainment of clients are even increasing goals of client management.

The corporate offer of insurance solution not available in the private market may be an important decision factor for clients looking for the best product provider. Hence, it is especially interesting to combine a client’s high motivation with the expected profit of the company.

Solution options are insurance programmes which

  • create additional values to the products,
  • the clients do not get offered elsewhere and
  • Create additional profits to the company

Banks mainly use credit card insurance and payment protection insurance. But other solutions are possible and available.

Credit card insurance is characterized by a high comparability of products. Thus, differentiation is possible through the purchase price and the reduction of transfer costs. However, this strategy increases the risk of frequent portfolio restructurings by insurers who were enticed to settle a claim in a hard way because due to low entrance premiums, even a normal loss development will consume the premium. Therefore, the advantage of a low purchase premium may turn into a critical impact on the client relation.

Many card issuers are searching for new insurance annex solutions which, as a forst mover product, gain a higher profit at a low risk rate. However, new risks are located in an area of conflict between most individual differentiation and, at the same time, a target group as broad as possible. We offer a range of new poducts with a variety of target groups. Solutions are possible for as well private and corporate clients. Contact us, please.

Payment protection insurance needs a flexible adoption to changing markets as well as a compliance with the strict organizational restrictions of conglomerates. We offer an IT solution which enables very flexible, fast and cheap program adoptions. Contact us, please.

Mortgage loans are broadly offered added by a PPI. However, the PPI covers the loan interest and acquittance rate only but not the realization of a decrease of value in the specific region in case of an emergency sale. The value insurance covers up to 10% of the original buying price in case of divorce, loss of employment, movement caused by the employer, multiple birth and accidental death. Contact us, please.

Valuable private clients in the area of ultra high net worth or very high networth sector often may already have installed state-of-the-art alarm systems. A different way may exist in the upper area of average wage earners which, nevertheless, may offer the bank interesting assets or a valuable chance of a loan gaining interests for many years. As a products offering additional value, the bank in times of increasing burglary rates may offer the subsidizing of the leasing rate for the leading remote surveillance system – based on the motto “we do not only protect your assets but also your family and your house”. The system has an efficiency rate of 97% combined with a very high flexibility – summer cottages, outside premises and offices are controllable at very low costs by smartphone. Additional advantage: Rented properties do not need additional constructional amendments.

A special interest may be given by corporate clients which (as f.i. the recycling industry) normally do not get property insurance without an alarm system anymore. Insurers often put a high burden of costs onto the shoulders asking for very complex protection measures while our remote surveillance system would do better at a fraction of the costs. Contact us, please.

Last but not least, the gross negligence of clients using payment cards often is a trigger for risks at the client retention rate. The refuse to pay damages in a case of gross negligence may protect the bank against a payment of some hundred Euros but, at the same time, give reason to the client to change the bank. Thus, the chance of a future mortgage loan with some ten thousand Euros of interests will change the bank as well. Simpler and more productive would be an account protection policy which covers the gross negligence. Contact us, please.